• Atomic Monster Logo Project

    If you've seen Australian director/producer James Wan's new box office hit film "The Nun" at the cinema recently, you've also seen the latest stop motion work from animation studio Poke The Bear.
    Wan was after a re-envisioning of his Atomic Monster production company indent, commissioning Australian stop motion veteran Norman Yeend, and production company Poke The Bear.
    Wan already had a CG version of his company ident, but felt stop motion was the perfect way to achieve the 50's monster movie look he was after.
    Once the miniature city size parameters were set, the sequence was previsualised and finessed using Maya software.
    Over months the miniature metropolis buildings and urban areas were constructed and then assembled in studio.
    The virtual camera move was then fitted to a custom built motion control rig, incorporating the physics of the chosen lens. This allowed the filming of the background and foreground in multiple passes.