The Trickatech.


    Design repeatable camera and object movements.


    Devised for precise table top work,

    it can also be extended for larger applications.


    Program on the fly ,

    or previz in a post environment using Maya software.


    A modular system including turntables, tracks,

    risers, and x, y, z axes.


    Includes camera, lighting and rigging equipment.



    Recently used on campaigns for:

    British Paints







    Ethical Nutrients


    Atomic Monster.

  • The Previz

    Background and foreground camera and object plates were designed in Maya software.

    The Shoot

    The move was imported and fitted to the Trickatech rig.

    The Finished Product

    Multiple passes are brought together.

  • The Rig

    6 metre, 45 degree rise.

    Continuous tracking loop.

    The Result

    Director Boca Ceravelo

    From tight to wide and back again.

    The Story of KFC

    Live action chicken pieces and boxes were rigged with custom mounts and puppeteered with programmed movements.

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