• Are You Racist (2017)

    TV Documentary Scene - VFX DOP

    Dramatic Re-enactment. Mindful Media

    IBM Presents "Life Begins At 65"

    Mini Doc

    The future of population growth in Japan.



    Celebrity interviews and overlay

    Discovery Asia - Tourism Australia


    Kakadu National Park by air and water.



    Recipes for Jamie Oliver Web Series

    Emma Software


    Studio Interviews and RGB Camera.

    Kangaroo - The Movie (2018)


    Feature Documentary - Hopping Pictures

    Additional Camera

    Location interviews, verite sequences.


    Solitary Endeavour on the Southern Ocean (2008)


    Documentary - Essential Media

    Additional Cinematography

    Location Interviews, On and in water B roll footage.

    Buried Country (1999)


    Documentary - Porchlight

    Additional Cinematography

    Location Interviews, overlay.